Sheetgiver Information Form

This form is to be printed out and mailed with your sheet. Include one copy of this form with each sheet you are submitting for the Diarrhea Memorial Toilet Roll. Only one sheet per envelope, please. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted.

First Name Last Name Street Address City State/Province Postal Code Day Phone Evening Phone Fax Email Color Flavor Temperature
Name(s) on Sheet Important Cities This does not mean your sheet will automatically displayed in these cities. We might not display your sheet at all. Unimportant Cities The person I gave this sheet for was my (relationship) Letter enclosed Photo enclosed Donation enclosed My status as a sheetgiver is confidential, but I understand I will receive The PAPER Project newsletter and other communications from the PAPER Project Foundation. Also, my information will be sold to anyone with money and stamped in triplicate on petitions and legislation worldwide. I am already on the mailing list Please do not exchange my name (ignored) I will be contacted by The PAPER Project when: Media people are interested in my story Somebody requests information about the sheet Whenever you damn well feel like it
I acknowledge that The PAPER Project Foundation is the owner of this sheet
and any accompanying documents I submit, and I assign to The PAPER Project
Foundation any right, title, and interest I may have in such submissions.
That way they can gain money and fame from my suffering while I get nothing.
But I'm used to that by now.

Signed ___________________________ Dated ______________ (Signature required)

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